Erlend Haarberg | photography

As a nature photographer, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to experience the changing faces of nature throughout the different seasons. I am most fascinated by winter. There is no other season I could feel so frozen, yet more alive. There are many ways of being rich in this life. My wealth is my freedom and the many unique moments I experience in the forest and the mountains.

Erlend Haarberg (1966) is a biologist by training and has been working as a freelance nature photographer since the early 1990s, specializing in photographing wildlife in the Nordic countries. He lives in Trøndelag, the region where he comes from.

Amongst Erlend’s many international achievements he was awarded overall winner of the GDT European Nature Photographer 2017 contest for his image titled “Snow spat”. He has also been named “Nature Photographer of the Year” six times in Norway.

Erlend has published photos in countless books and articles – including three stories in the US and international editions of the National Geographic magazine. His wildlife images are frequently exhibited both nationally and globally.

Selected exhibitions:

Ullinsvin, Vågå | Laponia – majestic stillness, Iceland – land of contrasts | 2020

Stadtmuseum Schleswig, Tyskland | Visions of the North | 2019

Ájtte, Svenskt fjäll- och samemuseum, Sverige | Laponia – majestic stillness | 2018

Gallery Naturfotografiska, Hallstahammar, Sweden | Laponia – majestic stillness, Iceland – land of contrasts | 2018

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