Our photographs in the National Gallery of Fine Art

National Gallery of Fine Art presents fine art photography through exclusive limited editions embodying the rich heritage of the National Geographic Society and National Geographic magazine.

Five of our photographs are represented by the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries in La Jolla (CA), Las Vegas (NV), Honolulu (HI), Island of Maui, Miami (FL), New York City (NY) and San Diego (CA).

Tidal pools in the island kingdom of Sanna, Træna Archipelago, 2012, by Orsolya Haarberg

Eye Contact, Vauldalen, 2015, by Orsolya Haarberg

Snow fight, Norway, 2015, by Orsolya Haarberg

Aurora borealis swirls above fire and ice, Eyjafjallajökull volcano, 2010, by Erlend Haarberg

Volcanic lightning, Iceland, 2010, by Erlend Haarberg

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