Iceland in all its splendour

Hardcover photographic album, published in 2012 by FORLAGID/OPNA in Iceland.

“Observing strong contrasts in the natural world is a powerful way to ponder its attributes, since contrasts engender a comparison. And Iceland’s nature has many of these contrasts, indeed: light in the darkness, patches of forest neighbouring vast stone deserts, vibrant colours attracting the eye in a grey-toned landscape. When you watch the red fire of a volcanic eruption flaming from the ice of a glacier, it becomes even clearer to you how hot the lava is, how cold the ice – and on a bright summer night you recall the dark days of winter.” (Unnur Jökulsdóttir)

Photo | Erlend Haarberg & Orsolya Haarberg
Text | Unnur Jökulsdóttir
English | 159 pages | 131 colour photographs | 226mm x 237mm x 19mm | 907g

ISBN 978-9979-53-572-0

Other language editions:
German: Island in all seiner pracht
French: L’Islande – Éclat et magnificence
Icelandic: Ísland í allri sinni dýrð

The books can be purchased in all the main book shops in Iceland.




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