REiN Corona borealis


The constellation Corona Borealis forms a precise crown that can be seen in the starry northern sky. The spectacular semicircle easily catches the eye in the dark sky. This magical sight has been recreated in the beautiful chandelier with the same name to bring the constellation into Scandinavian homes.

The Corona Borealis is the signature model of the REiN series. The reindeer antlers are organically joined in a crown formation, giving a distinct elegance which is created utilising nature’s own aesthetics. The light suspension is uniquely created for the chandelier by lighting designer Miklós Leits. The light from nine diffused satin glass balls floats like an aura around the light shade in the room and creates pleasant soft shadows. The light can be dimmed which allows for the lighting to be adapted to different moods. The light sources are replaceable.

The REiN Corona Borealis is around 85 cm in diameter. Supplied with a white rosette from Halo Design.

Photo styling: Kirsten Visdal

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