REiN Dormant Peaks


Like a floating celestial body, the “REiN Dormant peaks” creates eye-catching elegance with nature’s own aesthetics. The chandelier is organically composed of individually selected reindeer antlers. The light shade is partially spray painted white, representing the contrast between the snow line and the barren autumn mountain. The luminous glass globe Luna completes the design and guides the mind to associate with the universe or the moonlight among snow-covered mountain peaks.

The light shade itself is around 85 cm in diameter. It is supplied with a white rosette from Halo Design. The Luna lamp has a 16 cm diameter, and it is from Design House Stockholm. This piece is supplied with a dimmable E14 LED bulb.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 40 cm


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REiN Dormant Peaks