Reindeer antlers are like snow crystals – no two are alike…

The REiN interior series brings the mountain into the home in the form of antler sculptures – timeless and lasting unique items from Jotunheimen. With homemade tools and self-developed method to combine the antlers, sculptural works are created that stand out and captivate the sight and mind.

REiN interior is inspired by nature, raw materials and craft traditions from the mountain villages of Vågå and Lom in the Gudbrandsdalen valley. The antlers used in the REiN series come from freely roaming reindeer herds in Jotunheimen – a sustainable utilisation of a resource that would otherwise go unused.

Product groups

Thank you

The concept development and exhibition have been accomplished with support from GRØNN FRAMTID and INNOVASJON NORGE.

Miklós András Leits, you helped me to raise the aesthetics and quality of the product prototypes to a whole new level. It is a pleasure working with you.

Thank you very much Kjell Helge Løkken for always being available when I need help and offering great, creative solutions to the challenges that arose during product development. Thank you for building the supporting metal constructions that proved to be essential in order to build my products.

The prototypes for suspension have been perfected by Bakke Stålprodukter, thank you very much for your help.

Sigurd Rønningen, I am eternally grateful for your much appreciated help with the texts for the project.

Patricia Arrowsmith, I feel so lucky to have a childhood friend living in England who has the talent and skills to edit my English texts. Thank you so much for your altruistic help.

Ida Visdal Kolden, thank you for the beautiful logo and valuable input with the graphic work.

Photos of the REiN products were taken on the Gammel-Kleppe and Nordigard Blessom farms in Vågå. Many thanks, Dag Lindvig and Ingunn Munch Lindvig at Gammel-Kleppe, and Ingrid Blessom, Sissel and Sigurd Blessom at Nordigard Blessom, for your hospitality and for providing access to the lovely old log houses on your farms.

Kirsten Visdal, thank you very much for your mentorship during this project and for your help with styling during the product photography. So nice to get to know you through this work.

Roger Illing, thank you for your help with the electrical installation and assembly, as well as for the creative solutions throughout the production process. Your support and presence in my everyday life is an important prerequisite for the implementation of my ideas.

I look forward to further cooperation with you all!

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